The space where airture furniture can be seen and used. Arrange events, meetings, workshops or exhibitions in the middle of a huge Design-Collection.

The town house in Vienna is the homebase of airture. This town house invites you to have your own base in Vienna. 150 years old, with a secret garden and a variety of different rooms and atmospheres it welcomes its varying visitors. Behind these walls you'll find creativity and hospitality. Some see it as a lab and a studio, others may say it's a gallery and a shop. We say it's all of it or none. But as you step in, you'll feel at home.

You are also invited to visit and enjoy two other airture places, one close to vienna at the danube riverside and one in an old town at the adriatic sea.
Just ask!

The Studio

By combining the original structure of the 19th century building with archiguards award-winning architectural concept, a unique space was created. We use this space for meetings and conferences with our clients. Besides the daily business aspect, the studio is the creative lab where astonishing and screwy objects are made in the name of airture.

The studio can also be rented by company executives that take a day off work with their staff to think up new ideas in a creative environment, making use of our state-of-the-art equipment.

If you happen to visit us, we’ll have a coffee break in the garden and later we’ll visit our wine cellar to celebrate our brainchild. we also offer two apartments for visitors and artists.

The Flat

The flat can be used for photoshooting, conferences or as a studio. Also cooking sessions are possible with Gaggenau, Kitchen Aid, Berkel and Bezzera appliances. There is a music room with a grand piano and Sennheiser/Thorens microphone. The facilities perfectly match and support the use of the garden, winecellar, the studio and the apartments.





The Wine Cellar

The wine cellar offers our very special area to finish long days of discussing and exploring with our clients and partners. You feel like exploring underground Vienna and travelling in time when walking on the old brick stones. A special developed concrete wall hosts 99 specially selected bottles for our connoisseurs. well, design does not stop downstairs…

The Apartments

This apartment is perfect for seekers of originality and history.
Live in this typical 1850 Viennese house, surrounded by an easy mix of original paintings and furniture of all centuries.
Have a nice evening on the veranda with fireplace.
Have a breakfast under the trees in the garden.
Use this apartment also for business needs and meetings.

The Garden

We use the garden for parties, presentations and unique business meetings. Sails and umbrellas provide shade and protection from the rain. In combination with our winecellar this small retreat is a perfect surprise for the special event you may be planning.

The Huts

Two small wooden bathing huts almost 100 years old hosts guests who love the simple life. This special place preserved Viennese bathing culture in the best way. Have barbeque or open fire at the stone beaches of the river Danube. Enjoy every day grocery around the corner from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.. Play tennis or take a walk in the hills and rest in a Heurigen. Fine for 2 big ones + 4 kids. There is a secret hidden tunnelbridge connecting the kids hut! You’ll have to see this.

The Tower

Expect a tower like house with 25m2 floor plan on 5 floors. Some say it is the oldest house in this semi peninsular town. Thick stone walls keep the heat outside, the little stove fights against the cold. The courtyard is dominated by a palm tree, the roof terrace by an amazing 360 degree view including the church (inspired by the Venice campanile), the castle (lit by night) and the sea (just 10 of 360 degrees, but to be felt all over).
Fine for 4 grown ups + 4 kids